Evaluating a Commercial Building Before Buying It

1 December 2021
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Buying a commercial building can be one of the more valuable and complex types of real estate that you can purchase. Before finalizing this transaction, there are some key aspects of the building that will need to be inspected before you can comfortably commit to making this purchase. In this regard, getting a property condition assessment can help. Read on to learn more. 

Potential Structural Issues

Ensuring that the building is in good structural condition is one of the most important steps before making this purchase. Not surprisingly, this will be a major focus during the property condition assessment. In addition to assessing the structural condition of the building's structural components, this assessment will also consider decorative features of the building as well.

Building Code Violations

Commercial buildings will often have more stringent building codes that they will have to follow as well as accessibility requirements. If the building currently has code violations, it will be necessary to have these issues corrected before it will be able to open to the public or to start operations. Not surprisingly, these violations can be highly disruptive to a business that only discovers these errors after finalizing the purchase. Unfortunately, these violations will not always be noticeable to an inexperienced person, which can make it impossible for a potential buyer to be able to effectively assess the compliance of a commercial building they are thinking of buying.

HVAC System Integrity

A large commercial building will need to have a powerful HVAC system that is capable of circulating, heating, and cooling the air in the building. This part of the structure will need to be thoroughly inspected to make sure that it is in good mechanical condition. For buildings that have very old HVAC units, it will almost always be beneficial to upgrade to a modern system due to the performance and efficiency improvements that it will offer. However, this assessment will help to make sure that an imminent failure is not likely with the system soon.

Before deciding to purchase a particular commercial building, it is important to spend time ensuring that the major components and systems of the structure are in good condition. A property condition assessment can be completed by a trained professional, and it will give you a detailed understanding of the overall condition of the building. In particular, these assessments can focus on the structural condition of the building, the presence of building code violations, and the condition of the HVAC system.