Transforming A Company Through The Employee Recruitment Process

18 May 2021
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A company is only as good as its employees. Given the importance and level of participation of employees in a company's success, every company should focus on the best employee assessment mechanisms available to increase its productivity and efficiency. The need for a comprehensive employee recruitment process explains many companies' decisions to hire consulting companies offering pre-employment aptitude tests. The tests facilitate employers' strategies in various ways, including speeding up the recruiting process and enhancing efficiency by increasing the likelihood that recruits will excel in their positions. 

Pre-employment aptitude tests often ensure that a company's recruiting process aligns with its objectives and goals. Thus, the tests minimize employee turnover, maximize profit margins by avoiding additional recruiting expenses, and enhance customer service delivery. Consequently, reforming the employee screening and appraisal processes can transform an organization as shown below.

Improving Employee Retention

Pre-employment aptitude tests assist organizations in retaining workers by ensuring that prospective recruits meet the basic criteria and have the appropriate personality for a job description. Screening for basic skills and an employee's personality profile decreases the risk of involuntary turnovers, such as firing for lousy performance, or voluntary turnovers, such as when workers leave because they no longer enjoy their work. Reducing employee turnover has many advantages for an organization, including increased employee productivity due to positive morale and familiarity in the workplace. Furthermore, low employee turnover boosts a company's public profile, making it easier to hire and retain top candidates. Thirdly, when an organization decreases workforce turnover, the bottom line improves because severance costs and training costs decrease. Consequently, pre-employment aptitude tests will positively affect a company's employee retention, affecting other aspects of the business, such as the bottom line.

Reducing Time Wastage in The Hiring Process

Pre-employment aptitude tests help a company save time. Companies can weed out incompetent applicants, especially from so-called "resume spammers" who submit applications without much thought or effort at the outset, saving time spent interviewing unqualified candidates. Taking the time to complete a pre-employment aptitude test often demonstrates dedication and sincere interest in the role. A company may also set a minimum cutoff point for test scores to narrow down to the best applicants for the advertised jobs.

Shielding a Company from Legal Liability

Pre-employment aptitude tests can make employment recruiting processes objective and fair, protect a company from discrimination claims, and transform it to achieve its goals. In addition, the job selection and promotion requirements should be equal to all workers following federal anti-discrimination laws. Consequently, using a pre-employment aptitude test to assess the hiring criteria protects a corporation from litigation because pre-employment aptitude tests are mandatory for all applicants.