How To Promote Teamwork In The Office

7 November 2019
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When your employees get along, they can be much more effective in the workplace. Workplace friendships can sometimes grow on their own, but often they need a little help. Here are four tips to help you build up the teamwork and camaraderie of your staff members:

1. Create a pleasant break area.

Employers are required by law to give their employees rest breaks and lunch breaks. Many employees choose to spend these breaks on their cellphones, especially if there's no alternative. You can encourage employee interaction by creating a pleasant break area where they can congregate together. A good break area doesn't need to be fancy. Providing chairs and a water cooler is a good start. Adding a table can allow employees to eat meals together on their lunch break.

2. Celebrate employees' strengths.

A certain amount of healthy competition can make people work harder. However, too much competition is unhealthy, especially when coupled with jealousy and resentment. If your employees feel unnoticed and unappreciated, they may resent coworkers they feel are treated better. Make an effort to notice and celebrate the strengths of each of your employees. Everyone who works for you brings something unique to the table. When you're able to recognize everyone's talents and contributions, you can create a more harmonious office environment that promotes teamwork.

3. Send your staff to a team-building workshop.

If you're really serious about boosting staff morale and promoting unity, you can get professional help by sending your staff members to a team-building workshop. Team-building workshops include various games, activities, and seminars meant to bring your employees closer together. They will need to work collaboratively to complete the objectives of each game. During the workshop, your employees will learn more about themselves and each other. This can help them work more efficiently in the office.

4. Take note of birthdays and other special occasions.

The people who work for you are your employees, but they also have lives outside the office. Allowing people to be their full selves at work can help them open up to their coworkers in ways that promote team spirit. Celebrate birthdays and other special occasions in your team members' lives in the office. A simple birthday cake can bring everyone together to appreciate their coworker. Keeping a calendar specifically for this purpose can help you remember. You may even want to delegate this task to one of your employees if you don't have the time to do it yourself.