Reasons It's A Good Idea To Hire An Outside Safety Consultant

6 December 2019
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If you work in the construction industry, in a warehouse, or in any other environment that comes with a lot of hazards, you know that safety is paramount. Many companies of this sort have an employee whose job it is to oversee safety. However, rather than taking this approach, you might want to hire an outside safety consultant to come in, assess your adherence to safety protocols, and make recommendations for improvement. Here are a few reasons why this approach is a good one.

1. You get an expert for a more affordable price

You could hire an in-house safety coordinator who has years of experience in a vast range of industries and is well-versed in the regulations of various organizations. However, employees performing at this high level are expensive, so most companies end up hiring someone less experienced when hiring for full-time safety positions. Consultants often have tons of experience in the industry and are well-versed in current regulations. You will get this high level of expertise for less than you would pay to employ such a person full-time.

2. You get an outside perspective

You're used to watching your business operate every day. Someone who works for you will become similarly adapted and used to how things are run. As such, you and an in-house safety person may be prone to overlooking issues — not on purpose, but just because you have gotten used to the way things are run. Hiring an outside safety consultant puts a new, less-familiar set of eyes on your operations so that potential issues are less likely to be overlooked. It's better to have a consultant correct something than to have it go unnoticed until there is an accident.

3. You don't have to worry about under-the-radar agreements

Sadly, employees will sometimes perform functions in ways that are unsafe and with the understanding from other employees that they won't report them or say anything. This sort of under-the-radar agreement can be tough to police when you're on the inside. Having an outsider come to offer an unbiased perspective will help keep employees honest and will help dissuade them from this type of practice.

If you work in any industry where there is a risk of bodily harm to your employees, you need to keep a close eye on safety. Consider hiring a consultant to come in and offer their input once or twice per year.