What To Do When You Suspect That Your Employer Is Not Paying You A Decent Salary

22 November 2019
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In most companies, people are not allowed to discuss their wages. Keeping your salary hush-hush is how corporations manage to pay each employee whatever they want to pay their employees without it becoming a major hassle, or worse, a lawsuit. (Sexist discrimination is the common theme of most of these lawsuits.) If you suspect that you are not being paid a fair wage, here is what you can do about it. 

Research It

Local colleges and technical/vocational schools already know what someone in your shoes should be making in your area. This is valuable info, and you should check it out. Ask a college career counselor what the starting wage is versus the wage you should be receiving with your years of experience. Really research it to see if you are actually receiving the adequate salary you should be receiving.

Hire a Salary Consultant

A salary consultant has the inside info on what everyone in a similar job in your local area is making. They can give you some real perspective on your own salary. Through further salary consulting, you may learn how to bargain with your employer for a wage you deserve that is in line with your experience and/or expertise. You might be surprised at how much less you are being paid and how much more you can ask for if you make the effort and ask in a way that is agreeable with your employer. Never be afraid to ask for a wage increase or bargain for salary and benefits packages that are better suited to your career choice, education, and level of experience.

Is There Office Gossip? It Might Be Worth a Listen

Even though employees are not supposed to reveal their wages/salaries, a lot of times they cannot contain themselves if they landed a job with decent pay. If you happen to overhear someone mention what they make, there is a good chance that A) you were not supposed to hear that, and B) there is some truth to it. If the amount is more than what you are making for the same job, you can always investigate. Either do a little digging on your own (be careful) or ask your salary consultant to do the digging for you since they are not at risk of being fired if they find out this information for you. If what you heard is true, ask your consultant what you should do next.

Reach out to a salary consultant today to learn more.